Current commands
Notice: More commands are being added by the days, to suggest a command, just message us in the wynter support server!
Alll commands are slash commands.
Version 3.0 is still in testing. Whilst the rewrite is now done, we're testing all commands before we bring them to public. We anticipate the full release being on or before the 23rd December 2023.
key: <> = optional, [ ] = required
As of v3.0 BETA, the prefixed commands have been removed and replaced with both user commands and slash commands respectively.
Please report bugs and feedback on our support server or on our github issues page:


ping - gets bot ping
help - shows this command
info - shows bot info
stats - shows bot statistics
serverinfo - shows server info
userinfo [@user] - shows user info
profile [@user] - alias of userinfo
pfp [@user] - shows user pfp
avatar [@user] - alias of pfp


At this time: only warn, mute, unmute, kick, and ban are implemented.
In v3.0 BETA, the way these commands work has changed.
hackban [id] - bans a user by ID (said user can be banned even if they're not in the server) - accepts multiple IDS - cooldown of 60 seconds - max 50 users at once.
ban [id/@user] - bans a user
kick [id/@user] - kicks a user
mute [id/@user] - mutes a user
warn [id/@user] - warns a user
New in V3.0 BETA, if you execute warn, kick, etc, the reason is now required, and for muting, will also ask for a required punishment time. The reason and punishment time are no longer command arguments.
clear [x] - clears a channel of (x) messages - EG: !clear 50
purge [x] - alias of clear
clean [x] - alias of clear


f - pays respects
x - doubt
Note: F and X are not typical commands. They are ran by saying "f" or "x" in the chat.
F and X commands have been disabled by default. To enable them, type /enablefandx
hug [@user] - hugs a user
hugs [@user] - alias of hug
glomp [@user] - glomps a user
lick [@user] - licks a user
slap [@user] - slaps a user with a wet trout
nuzzle [@user] - nuzzles a user
rubs <@user> - ran just via !rubs - demand belly rubs - optional mention a user to give belly rubs.
boop [@user] - isn't this easy to guess? Boop.
pat [@user] - give a user headpats
throwdict [@user] - throw a dictionary at a user
ship [@user1] [@user2] - See how well 2 people get shipped together!
bite [@user] - softly nibble someone's ears
bap [@user] - bap a user with a newspaper
howl [@user] - let out a big awoo! - you can also mention a user to howl at them!
growl - let out a soft growl!
cuddle [@user] - alias of hug
snuggle [@user] - snuggle a user
flop [@user] - flop on someone
nap <@user> - take a nap - you can also mention a user to nap on them!
blep - do a blep
rawr - RAWR X3
8ball [question] - Magic 8ball!


snowball [@user] - Works all year round - Throw a snowball at people.
advent - Works from 1st dec to 25th dec - Get a chocolate piece from the advent calander

Food & Drink

order <@user> - Order food/drink from the bot.

NSFW Commands

At this time, NSFW commands are not in the bot. We're working on it!
yiff [@user] - yiff a user
suck [@user] - suck off a user
breed [@user] - impregnate a user
gay - returns a gay yiff image from the Wynter API