Current commands
Notice: More commands are being added by the days, to suggest a command, just message us in the wynter support server!
In version 2.0 released on the 2nd March 2022, there was a bug with commands that requires the channel the command is executed in to have a topic set. This bug should now be fixed. If you spot any issues, please log it on our GitHub issues page or contact [email protected]!
key: <> = optional, [ ] = required
Bot prefix: ! - unless changed by the guild.
Please report bugs and feedback on our support server or on our github issues page:


ping - gets bot ping
help - shows this command
info - shows bot info
stats - shows bot statistics
serverinfo - shows server info
userinfo [@user] - shows user info
profile [@user] - alias of userinfo
pfp [@user] - shows user pfp
avatar [@user] - alias of pfp


hackban [id] - bans a user by ID (said user can be banned even if they're not in the server) - accepts multiple IDS - cooldown of 60 seconds - max 50 users at once.
ban [id/@user] - bans a user
kick [id/@user] - kicks a user
mute [id/@user] [time] - mutes a user
Example usage of mute: !mute @user 1d being a prick
Time is in the span of m,d,w (minutes, days, weeks)
warn [id/@user] - warns a user
clear [x] - clears a channel of (x) messages - EG: !clear 50
purge [x] - alias of clear
clean [x] - alias of clear


f - pays respects
x - doubt
Note: F and X are not typical commands. They are ran by saying "f" or "x" in the chat.
F and X commands have been disabled by default as of Sat 5th Sept 2020. Please contact Darkmane Arweinydd#2411 if you wish to have this feature enabled on your server.
hug [@user] - hugs a user
hugs [@user] - alias of hug
glomp [@user] - glomps a user
lick [@user] - licks a user
slap [@user] - slaps a user with a wet trout
nuzzle [@user] - nuzzles a user
rubs <@user> - ran just via !rubs - demand belly rubs - optional mention a user to give belly rubs.
boop [@user] - isn't this easy to guess? Boop.
pat [@user] - give a user headpats
throwdict [@user] - throw a dictionary at a user
ship [@user1] [@user2] - See how well 2 people get shipped together!
bite [@user] - softly nibble someone's ears
bap [@user] - bap a user with a newspaper
howl [@user] - let out a big awoo! - you can also mention a user to howl at them!
growl - let out a soft growl!
cuddle [@user] - alias of hug
snuggle [@user] - snuggle a user
flop [@user] - flop on someone
nap <@user> - take a nap - you can also mention a user to nap on them!
blep - do a blep
rawr - RAWR X3
8ball [question] - Magic 8ball!


snowball [@user] - Works all year round - Throw a snowball at people.
advent - Works from 1st dec to 25th dec - Get a chocolate piece from the advent calander

Food & Drink

menu - show a menu
cookie <@user> - order a cookie -
sandwich <@user> - order a sandwich
seeds <@user> - order some birb seeds
cola <@user> - order a coke
pepsi <@user> - order a pepsi
beer <@user> - order a beer
vodka <@user> - order a vodka
pineapples <@user> - order pineapples
steak <@user> - order steak
pizza <@user> - order pizza
muffin <@user> - order a muffin
whiskey <@user> - order whiskey
martini <@user> - order a martini
pinacolada <@user> - order a pina colada
rum <@user> - order rum
tea <@user> - order tea
coffee <@user> - order coffee

NSFW Commands

yiff [@user] - yiff a user
suck [@user] - suck off a user
breed [@user] - impregnate a user
gay - returns a gay yiff image from the Wynter API