See the changes we've been making to Wynter

Version 3.0

30th November 2023:

  • Updated bot to pycord v2.

  • This broke every single command on the bot!

  • Rewrote moderation commands

Version 2.1 Beta

16th December 2022:

  • Added slash commands for food and drink module

  • Updated slash commands for christmas module

  • More slash commands to come

  • User logs UI update

  • Message logs UI update

  • User logs now contains who performed a role change

  • Message logs now contain the channel and message ID

Version 2:

16th May 2022:

  • link taken down.

16th April 2022:

  • Changed Wynter's domain to!

  • Changed Wynter's support email to

  • API links remain the same for now, but will resolve. (The reason both links resolve at current is because I'm currently sick and cannot be bothered to change the API documentation as well as the bot's programming. Please respect this)

  • API links updated to as of 13:03 GMT

  • Old API link ( remains active until 16th May at 13:03 GMT

2nd March 2022:

Changed mute command to now work with discord's timeout feature. Command documentation updated to reflect this change.

8th February 2022

I kinda forgot to update this documentation. Blame laziness, and also forgetting that this page even existed. I'll try to update it more often in the future

V2 brings a complete rewrite of the bot into the library. This went public on the 12th Jan 2022 and subsequent updates are being pushed out after that date.

Some commands were changed or deprecated in this change.

This change also brings new API methods and adds images to commands that didn't previously have this support.

Finally, this change changes the way updates are implemented, instead of requiring a full bot restart, they now only require that specific module to be reloaded. :)


v1.0 Beta: Initial rewrite of Dantefurrybot into typescript

  • changes command u into userinfo

  • changes command s into serverinfo

  • added pepsi command

  • added seeds command

19th Oct 2020


Ability to change prefix with !prefix Added !ship command for yall to ship with ppl

Added -report command to report bugs (NOTICE THE PREFIX! It has to be -)

Added ability to set a custom mute role with new !muterole command

Added ability to tweet from Wynter with !tweet command. (Note: You need to sign into first)


Made purge and clean as aliases of clear

Made hackban cooldown to 60sec and max of 50 people at one time so that the bot wont crash (AUSTIN!!! Smh)

Made profile alias of userinfo

Made avatar alias of pfp

Made purge command delete the success message after 5sec


Moderation commands now accept user IDs

clear command not delete pins

Made prefix case-insensitive

Purge command not reflecting correct deleted amount of messages

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